Candi with her maple burl bowl-won for most primitive camp



                         Patsy scraping a hide

























Bodin Snack



                      Melissa with her horse



                Melissa and Jean on a ride



Katie and her New Dress (Kiowa)



       Chris and Jill wearing Rawhide hats-Westerns-2005


         Candi bringing in her camp-Westerns-2005




                            Jill and Sandy at Green River Lakes-






WFT Secretary (Crazy) showing us his better half-Easterns-2005




                             Sandra on her horse






                         WFT and Friends - Bridger Demo Crew-2004




           Chris shooting up-hill





Okay Sisters, This is going a bit too far





Sandy and Jill with their trapped Beaver







                                  Party Animals





             Kathy and Jill riding into Nationals




                Wft cooking for 20 men on the trail



       Melissa sitting by a Primitive smoking Rack




           Jean weaving a Nez Pierce style bag



                Sandra "Our Swamp Sister"




          Alice and sisters skinning a Buffalo





            WFT Sisters weaving baskets



   Chris and Baby Gabe at Westerns-2005



       Melinda foraging Plants




Tonda making a Pine Needle Basket







        Cradleboard Babies 



        Sandy and Jill with their Buffalo






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